Plimex - Plastics Industries, SA was founded on June 14, 1999 and began operations in September 2000.
Plimex emerges from the need to give adequate responses to the demands of the market by the mother company Plimat - Plastics Industries Matos, SA, and created a new manufacturing facility, separated geographically.
Plimex has become a highly specialized company in producing high quality valves for driving drinking water and other fluids.
The products are properly researched and designed, and tested in controlled laboratory. They comply with the existent normalizations for each type of accessory.
The evolution of the company along its path has been characterized by a steady and balanced growth of various values ​​and indicators, resultant of a policy and strategy focused on research, development and quality.
This attitude allowed us to achieve a leading position in the Portuguese market, currently the only Portuguese company producing valves of plastic (PVC, PP, ABS) and being among the best in the world in terms of quality.
The company has the most advanced technological equipment, whether in production, quality control or regarding to the project.
Plimex is encompassed in the MATOSGEST SGPS group which is composed by four companies, three of them plastics injection PLIMAT SA, PLIMEX, and MATOSPLÁS SA, and another MOLDE MATOS, SA dedicated to the manufacture of high quality molds and precision for plastic injection.

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